Who are Mr and Mrs Crystal?

We are an Australian couple and we are the epitome of travel hedonists. When we moved to London, we were looking forward to enjoying the occasional travel experience.  Instead, with Europe at our fingertips, we found ourselves literally addicted to travel.

London was the perfect base for us, both as destination in its own right and as a platform to the myriad of indulgences waiting to be discovered in Europe.

Our passion for travel intensified with every place we visited.  We travelled to over 250 destinations across Europe and meticulously researched and planned each trip to ensure that we knew all the hotspots. We have tried and tested endless destinations in search of places that spoil our senses and leave us craving more.

We have met many travellers, who like ourselves, craved the hedonist experience in Europe but who did not have the time, nor the inclination, to thoroughly research all aspects of a destination before departing, especially if they were only going away for a weekend break. Our experience has taught us that with a bit of organisation, you can travel to any destination for a weekend break and feel as though you have been away for a week. With the right travel tips, you can transform every travel experience into an indulgence and feel like a V.I.P.

In creating the travel hedonism website we hope to share with you our valuable travel advice so that you too can live your dream.

Our mission

We know what it’s like to lead a hectic lifestyle. You’ve booked a weekend break to Paris but you haven’t had any time to read guide books or surf the internet. The information available is endless and is so overwhelming, it becomes almost useless. You don’t know where to start.

It is our mission to offer a travel concierge service providing you a bespoke selection of places to stay, play, dine and more. With our assistance you will be able to make the most of your travel experience in true hedonist fashion.  We will provide you with a list of places to stay, see and be seen at. Take our tips with you and we will take you to the best hotspots in your selected destination.

We will tell you about a fabulous restaurant in the Marais district in Paris where all the locals dine. We will point you towards the trendiest beach lounges in Hvar and the most glamorous beach club in St Tropez.

Like you, we are travel hedonists and we are confident that we have travelled extensively and luxuriously enough to accommodate your specific needs.

Our service

We have created a travel website which is unique. We will be your personal travel concierges. By appreciating your passion for indulgent travel, we will devise a specific hit-list of places to see and be at, in your destination of choice, based on your needs and our personal experiences. Unlike other travel websites, Mr and Mrs Crystal will not lead you astray with places that offer style over substance.

In compiling the specific places which are worthy of a travel hedonism recommendation, we have been extremely selective. We have personally evaluated them against a critical benchmark. You can be sure that our list of the best hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs and other indulgences are places that you want to know about: chic, luxurious, charismatic … hedonistic.

Best regards

Mr and Mrs Crystal