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"I stayed at Soho Hotel in London after reading about it on your site. It was absolutely fabulous! The location couldn't have been more central. The buffet breakfast was superb. The rooms are modern, luxurious and spacious, and the concierge remembered my name! In a city full of celebrities, I felt like one myself! Thank you for the wonderful recommendation".

"A new luxury travel website has recently been launched by the passionate duo, Mr. & Mrs. Crystal, who have extensively researched the most hip, trendy and charming hotels, restaurants, bars and beach clubs in Europe."
Extract from A Luxury Travel Blog
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"Lying at CDLC in Barcelona on your recommendation. Sipping rosé. Love Travel Hedonism. Well done."
New York

"Travel Hedonism - You have done such a fantastic job of capturing only the very best. I used your website for my recent trip to Moscow and loved your tips. Spot on. I will be sure to return."

"I very much like your information on Roma, Venezia and Bologna. It is helpful for me even though I am not a tourist. I will enjoy telling my friends about your website."

"I had the most fabulous meal at Commerc 24 in Barcelona after reading your restaurant suggestions. Thank you Travel Hedonism!"
Madrid, Spain

"I was in Rome 2 months ago and I am still dreaming about the potato stuffed pasta in ragu at Ristorante La Giostra. If all your tips are as good as this one I will be checking Travel Hedonism before every holiday!"
Sydney, Australia

“What a fabulous website! My wife and I went to Berlin for 2 days, booked a sensational recommendation by travel hedonism and took our travel hedonism print out of restaurants and bars with us. The tips were absolutely spot on! It was as though we had briefed a personal concierge about what we were looking for, and they tailored a list of hot spots especially for us! I will definitely use them again.”
London, UK

"What a fantastic concept. Thanks for the invaluable information. We can't wait to experience your recommendations."
Melbourne, Australia

“Finally a trustworthy travel website that does that hard work for you! It is so refreshing to find a website providing concise recommendations rather than having to waste precious time making my way though the enormous content provided by other travel websites. Did I mention that travel hedonism led me to the most wonderful places in Paris? Our long weekend was so perfect that I proposed to my girlfriend! I can’t wait to use travel hedonism to plan our honeymoon!”
New York, USA

“Quality concierge website.”
Rome, Italy