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Less is more ... rather than overwhelming you with volumes of travel tips, here is a specific list of exclusive recommendations with Mr & Mrs Crystal's stamp of approval.

insider tips

  • Lose yourself in the warren of streets and stalls in the fresh fruit and delicatessen market off Piazza Maggiore.
  • Shield yourself from rain, snow or hot summer sun by walking the elegant and extensive arcades, where, in total there are 38 kilometres in the city’s historical centre (including the longest arcade in the world).
  • Hire a car and do a day trip to Modena and Parma.
  • Eplore this foodie heaven and devour tortellini, tagliatelle al ragu or lasagne, all local specialties.
  • Be warned - you can easily spend your weekend eating mouth-watering ragus, taking naps and getting up and doing it all again.

what we think

The capital of the Emilia-Romagna region is home to bolognaise, affectionately known to the locals as “ragu”. Gastronomic indulgence is a passion that these Italians take great pleasure in. This delightful city is not flooded with hordes of tourists, which makes shopping in some of Italy’s most handsome streets and eating in some of the country’s most authentic restaurants so much more enjoyable. The city is full of texture, with its exposed brickwork, peeling paint and faded murals on the walls. With Europe’s oldest university at its core, a vibrant young crowd punctuates the city’s piazzas and the longest arcade in the world.