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Less is more ... rather than overwhelming you with volumes of travel tips, here is a specific list of exclusive recommendations with Mr & Mrs Crystal's stamp of approval.

amfora hvar grand beach resort

Amfora Hvar Grand Beach Resort

Amfora’s room are so architecturally slick that you may have difficulty finding the toilet, posing as a minimalist white box. But it is hard to disguise the attraction of resort-like Amfora. Its location is picturesque, tucked away in tranquil bay only a short walk from the historic town. By day, you need not leave especially when bathing at the adjacent luxury deck, Bonj “Les Bains”, digesting a designer burger or ordering another refreshing mojito at your private king size sunlounge. You also have the option of Amfora’s pool – a romantic lagoon and volcanic hot springs with infinity pool views, where the temperature soars when the DJ takes to the decks.

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