Travel Hedonism Recommended Destination

Indulge in a sensory explosion in Marrakech. The markets are a maze of jewellery stalls, brightly coloured homewares, underground carpet emporiums and pyramids of spices. In the adjacent old city square Jmaa el Fnaa, the best place to enjoy the view of the city is on a rooftop café sipping fresh local mint tea. However as night falls, the square transforms into a street circus full of performers, snake charmers and monkeys, and the square is enveloped by thick smoke as hundreds of stalls offer freshly cooked Moroccan delicacies. The show continues at the decadent palace-style restaurants where you will feel truly regal devouring each of the 10 courses. The majestic theme continues as you retreat at the end of the day to your magnificent riad, where behind an inconspicuous door lies an exotic oasis.