Travel Hedonism Recommended Destination

For as long as most people can remember, Rome has featured on the list of must-see cities in Europe. This vibrant city is littered with architectural landmarks - the Colloseum, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps and so many more. The local Roman takes the inspiring architecture and prized art galleries in their stride, sometimes appearing impatient of culture standing in the way of a morning espresso or a spot of Louis Vuitton shopping. The streets of Rome are its greatest theatre, full of the relentless buzz of Vespas and raucous Italian babble. Rome is the set of the acclaimed “La Dolce Vita” and in true “sweet life” style, even the traffic wardens are beautifully groomed by Armani. Spoil yourself in the many fabulous boutiques, savour the taste of glass of vino, and you’ll be answering your phone with “pronto!” before you even realise!